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How long will I have access to the content?

What is Automation Blueprint?

Automation Blueprint is the hands-on application of a concept that’s been talked about for decades but rarely put to practice correctly (if at all).

This is what the absolute greats of entrepreneurship – like Robert Kyosaki and Michael E. Gerber – preach in the most groundbreaking books written in the space, and what remains an untouchable fantasy for 98% of entrepreneurs who read them.

It is a complete system for shifting the paradigm, making your business work FOR you, and scaling to numbers far beyond what you ever thought possible – without sacrificing your health, sanity, or relationships.

And inside Automation Blueprint, I am helping you plug this system right into your construction business.

Implement Bulletproof Marketing & Sales Strategies that pull more projects than you can handle – reliably and on autopilot

Get Larger Clients – Tap into the sphere of construction clients that happily pay margins of more than 40% without even batting an eye (yes, they exist!)

Create The Rock Solid Business Plan every company NEEDS to be (and stay) successful in the long run

Define Smart Standard Operating Procedures in your business and optimize them for maximum efficiency (time AND money wise)

Find, Hire, And Onboard A-Players FAST – Start hiring with certainty and build a team that you can 100% rely on

Put Proper Systems In Place and train your staff to use them – so that they can work without your supervision

Follow The Step-By-Step Process for removing yourself from the daily operations by delegating the RIGHT way

How To Use Your New Time & Freedom to maximize profits and propel your company forward (the path to 7 and 8 figures)

Message From Jesse Lane:

Dear friend,

There’s a high chance that reading this entire page will drastically change the course of your career inside the construction industry as well as your life outside of it.

My name is Jesse Lane, and I went from working 90 hours a week as a general contractor making little to no profit to now owning one of the most successful construction companies in Florida.

With J. Lane Construction, we have completed hundreds of construction projects over the last 10+ years, and we have generated tens of millions in revenue. 

And for the last few years, I did that pretty much without lifting a finger.

In fact, I did it without even being there 99% of the time…

Even though I had previously reached a point in my career when I was told by people that truly cared about me to just throw in the towel and go get a regular job.

And in this presentation, I’m going to not only show you how I managed to scale AND automate my company, but also how you can replicate my success.

Because You’ve Started This Journey of Building a Construction Business to Provide The Best Life For Your Family and Make The Big Bucks…

But it turns out you’ve signed up for quite a roller coaster, right?

Your days are a chaotic hassle between dealing with emergencies and answering “quick questions” from your team – even though you’re drowning in overdue tasks and an overflowing inbox.

Instead of having lunch, you’re spending your “breaks” trying to keep up with all your other crucial tasks that would otherwise fall flat, knowing that you’re trading your health for the sake of your company on a daily basis.

And when you finally get home, of course, the work continues. Instead of dinner with the wife and kids, late-night estimates are on the menu.

Your family starts to become resentful because “all you do is work” - which leaves a bitter taste as they are the ones you’re doing all of this for in the first place…

But it’s true – even during vacation (if you ever take one), your mind can never settle.

And instead of looking into a bright successful future, you might actually be more worried about whether or not you’ll make it another few months…

If that sounds familiar, then keep reading.

The good news is, you’re not alone. I’ve been in the very same situation myself, and I have yet to meet a contractor who hasn’t gone through a similar phase.

And that’s okay.

It’s even necessary.

As long as it’s a phase and not your “normal” – because:

As an Entrepreneur, Your “Normal” Could Actually Look Like This:

You wake up, check your email, and only one message pops up in your inbox:

A performance report from your COO, who handles all the day-to-day operations for you. The numbers on the report are right where they should be.

You then have breakfast with your wife and take your kids to school before you start your day.

With the certainty that the daily business is managed, you can fully focus on your actual task as the CEO:

Big-picture thinking, high-level decision-making, and creating opportunities to maximize profits while making work more efficient and comfortable for your team.

Speaking of which:

Everybody on your team knows exactly what their role is and how to execute their tasks, no time is wasted on unnecessary questions. You can rely on your people without overseeing every move they make.

Most importantly, your relationships with family and friends are flourishing because you have time for meet-ups and hobbies, as well as the freedom to travel and spend quality time with your wife and kids.

And Yes, I Know This Might Sound Like a Distant Dream Right Now. It Certainly Did To Me Just A Few Years Ago.

But listen, man.

If you build your construction business the right way, you can truly have it all.

And it does not have to take you a decade to achieve it.

But to get there, there’s one tough pill to swallow.

You have to understand the one thing that keeps most contractors stuck in the exact same situation that you are in right now.

This is the fine difference between the select few in our industry that become obscenely wealthy, while the vast majority is left with slim margins, empty pockets, and broken families:

It’s What I Call The ”Carpenter’s Mentality”.

Let me explain.

As construction entrepreneurs, especially if we’ve been working in the field before, we are used to literally working “hands-on”, and we’re the type of people who just like to get things done.

But this hands-on mentality that once served us in the field – and maybe in the beginning stages of building our company – is what blocks us from growing, and what causes us to grind our gears.

Because we carry this same mentality into running our business.

We find ourselves wearing all the hats – taking hectic phone calls while driving around the city picking up materials, supervising the site, managing the schedule, estimating the next project, and even doing our own bookkeeping…

And that’s the reason why you see so many guys out there either stuck on the tools or stuck in the office:

They never really make the shift from being a craftsman to being a true CEO.

Because being a true CEO – running and growing a company – requires an entirely different approach.

And that’s the lesson that I had to learn the hard way a few years ago.

Here’s How I Went From Burnt-Out And Underpaid To Owning A Multi-8-Figure Construction Company That Runs Without Me:

In my early days, I had been working as a carpenter, then decided to become a general contractor and soon started hiring a few people so I could take on more projects.

In the beginning, things were going great, we were making money and growing consistently.

But a few years down the road, our numbers just hit a wall.

I first thought it was a normal plateau, so I turned up the volume and worked even harder…

But no matter how many extra hours I invested,

No matter how many deals I closed,

And even no matter how many more people I hired,

Nothing led to making more money.

In fact, quite the opposite happened:

Things got even worse…

The effort of keeping it all together grew exponentially, and even though revenue naturally increased by just doing more 

Profits started to drop!

It was scary, honestly. It didn’t seem to make any sense.

Today I know that we had hit what is infamously known as the “glass ceiling” – that point of diminishing returns where more effort no longer yields more reward.

This Glass Ceiling is The Very Level That Most Entrepreneurs Never Get Past Until They Retire.

Not understanding that at the time, I kept grinding away trying to force the company back on track.

But it was an uphill battle.

I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, spending every waking minute trying to solve issues and keep up with my monstrous workload.

Needless to say my health and personal life suffered BADLY…

To the point where I eventually burnt out.

I felt defeated, and I was essentially ready to quit.

The only two options I saw were to either completely give up on my dream of building a large, sustainable construction company, or to settle for running a mediocre company that made just enough money to cover the bills.

And Just When I Was About to Accept That Unreasonable Amounts of Effort, Stress, and Responsibility in Exchange for Frustratingly Low Profit  Was “Just How Things Are in Our Industry”...

I got my hands on a book that would change my life forever.

It blew my mind – it verbalized everything that I had been feeling inside of me! It nailed exactly what I was going through with my business, and explained all the problems that I was kinda aware of but couldn’t really grasp.

I was sitting on my couch reading this book and I was literally shouting "YES EXACTLY! THIS IS EXACTLY IT!"

That’s When It Became Crystal Clear to Me That The Path Out of This Hamster Wheel Was a Counterintuitive One.

See, I had always been convinced that growth in business came from working harder and doing MORE.

But the E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber made me realize that truly the only way to get ahead and achieve the success that I wanted…

Was by doing LESS of the actual work – so that I could finally spend my energy working ON the business rather than IN it.

Because the harsh truth is:

As long as you are busy being the superintendent running around job sites, being the project manager, building schedules, managing the budgets, paying the subs (or even if you’re just doing a few of those yourself)... 

It is PHYSICALLY impossible to scale. Think about it:

As long as you are still actively doing work, your business is built on a very limited resource:


And even if you’re Superman:

If your time and energy are the foundation of everything that can happen in your business, then your success (and the amount of money you can make) is hard-capped…

Which by extension means:

If You Are Already Giving It All You Have, Then The Result You Are Currently Getting is Most Likely Everything You Ever Will Get.

Quite a rough awakening that was for me, to be honest.

To see that I was essentially a prisoner of my own company.

But the good thing was:

I knew what I had to do to get to the next level – AND the next one, AND the next one after that:

I had to free up my time so that “scaling” would literally be my main job – by delegating everything else, one step at a time.

Now, If You’ve Ever Read One of Those Books, or Even Just Watched Some Videos, I’m Sure You’ve Experienced This as Well:

You feel amazing initially, all fired up and full of initiative… 

But then there’s one problem.

You quickly realize that you have no idea how to actually DO it.

It was the same for me. Much rather than an actual plan, all I had was this vague vision of what my life and my company could look like.

And that’s how I spent the last many years of my life… 

Finding ways to put it into practice to make the entrepreneur’s dream a reality.

Fast forward to today, J. Lane Construction is generating multiple 8 figures (and growing) every year – without me doing anything anymore.

And This Is How I Finally Made It Happen… 

I guess this is the part of the story where I should tell you about how I found this one fancy strategy that magically transformed my business blah blah blah.

But the truth is far less glamorous:

I did it through brutal, relentless trial and error.

I hired people that I should never have hired. I experimented with every software that you can think of. I spent entire nights in the office thinking and mapping out plans. I jumped out of bed just to write down a quick thought. 

Yeah, looking back, I was probably acting more like a mad scientist rather than a business owner.

But it paid off.

Because this obsession is ultimately what allowed me to not only have massive success with my own business…

But to create a framework every contractor can use to set his business on autopilot and remove the ceiling for scaling – and that you can get access to in just a second.

But First, You Have To Understand The Very Essence Of How “Automating” A Business ACTUALLY Works

You see, where most people go wrong at this point is the idea that delegating = hiring someone = this person taking work off their plate.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, because there’s a big catch to this:

For most business owners, hiring people will mean even MORE work rather than making life easier.

More questions.

More mistakes.

More chaos.

Oh, and a bigger payroll, of course…

That’s why just hiring a bunch of people can easily turn into a disaster if done without the necessary groundwork.

The key is to have the right combination of people AND systems.

When you have A) proper systems in place and B) people running those systems exactly the way you intend – without you monitoring and micromanaging them…

Only then will delegating actually get you out of the weeds.

And To Do That, It All Boils Down To The Following Three Boxes That Need To Be Checked:

1) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are defined

You probably have a rough idea in your head of how all the processes should go in your company, right?

  • Who passes on which information to whom?
  • Where are important documents stored?
  • Who is the contact person for which type of questions?
  • Who is responsible?

But chances are that in reality, things look a bit different than what you imagine, and your current processes have developed more or less by accident rather than being meticulously thought-through… 

And that’s the source of costly misunderstandings and unnecessary questions:

Simply because nobody has clear instructions to follow. People literally just don’t know what exactly they’re supposed to do.

So the key to establishing standard operating procedures is to get all the ideas that are living in your head written down for everyone to see and to understand.

There are of course SOPs that are more efficient than others, which can only be determined through a lot of testing and experience (that’s why inside the Automation Blueprint program we give you the exact ones that have already proven themselves for years).

Once you’ve implemented optimized processes into your business,  your workflows will run like a well-oiled machine (and save you a lot of money and nerves).

2) An A-Player Is In The Role

Here’s the deal:

It doesn’t matter how on-point your SOPs are if they’re not executed properly.

That’s why it’s so important to fill your roles with the RIGHT people.

And I know that this is way easier said than done. Finding quality staff has never been easy, and it’s certainly not getting easier.

But there’s one game changer that helps a TON:

A hiring system that allows you to gauge people’s character, work ethic, and skill levels right from the start, before you even hire them.

To do that, we integrate automated quizzes and questionnaires into the hiring and onboarding process to make sure that your hires are a cultural fit and an actual improvement for your company.

Now, is it realistic to always find A-Players only?


But strong training systems and clear SOPs can turn B-Players into A-Players FAST.

So these are the three processes to dial in in order to build a kick-ass team:

Hiring - Onboarding - Training.

3) Accountability

Even the best employees tend to drop off after a while when they’re getting a little too comfortable.

That’s only natural, and it’s on you as the leader to keep people operating on a high level at all times.

What this should NOT mean is that you now have to be in their ear 24/7.

The secret to holding people accountable without actively nagging them is to communicate a set of trackable expectations and goals.

That way it’s easier for them to perform well because they have a clear objective to work towards, and you have data to compare them against that shows you exactly which areas are great and which areas need some improvement.

On top of that, having common goals also strengthens the bond in your team because it creates this sense of a common quest.

To track and communicate goals, we use tools like scorecards, company dashboards, and agreements.

This Is The Exact Recipe That I Applied To Every Single Thing That Was Happening Behind The Doors Of J. Lane Construction – Until One Day, My Presence Was No Longer Required.

The best part?

The new time and freedom I gained ultimately allowed me to focus on creating a vision and leading the business in the right direction…

So that I was able to scale well beyond $10,000,000 in yearly revenue.

Today, all I have to do is review scorecards and check in with my leadership team who literally runs the company for me. That’s it.

I’m still shaking hands with everybody.

I’m visiting my people in the office just because I feel like it, out of joy.

All can, no must.

It’s a dream, bro.

What brings us to you…

Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Daily Hustle And To Make More Money Than You've Ever Made In Your Life?

ALL the strategies that I used (and am still using to this day) to automate and scale my construction business – including all the nitty-gritty steps, the technology, and the tools that are running in the background to make this actually work…

I am now handing on a silver platter to other ambitious contractors, inside my new revolutionary coaching program called Automation Blueprint.

This is the place where I can share everything that I’ve developed over the course of multiple decades in construction, so that you can skip each of the costly lessons we foolishly choose to learn the hard way (and there were MANY), to… 

  • Save years of banging your head against the wall
  • Win ample time to do what you enjoy doing
  • Spend time with the ones you care about
  • Strategically scale your business to new heights
  • Get on the fast track to making multiple millions every year

If that sounds like a plan, then I invite you to join the program!

There is a button below, just click it and you can enroll today :)

Chat soon,

Jesse Lane

Introducing: Automation Blueprint

Automation Blueprint is essentially my life’s work.

It’s the trail that I’ve blazed and that you can now follow (and get ahead way faster than I did).

It is the roadmap for turning a small and often barely profitable business into a multi-million dollar company and to go from running a multi-million dollar company to stepping back and letting your business fill your pockets while you’re on repeat vacations with your wife.

We have developed a four-phase curriculum, designed to transform your business from the ground up into a profit-generating machine in the fastest way possible.

Here’s how it works:

Phase 1:

Assessment And Processes

This is the step that sets the foundation for success – and that most business owners, usually skip in the early stages of their business.

You’re going for a deep dive into the rabbit hole that is your company, in order to understand exactly what’s going on in every single area of your business…

You’ll uncover all your current bottlenecks, you’ll quickly see how much money they’re costing you (Warning: It’s a lot), and you’ll find all the great opportunities for improvement.

We then go ahead and create your SOPs (standard operating procedures) for Sales, Estimator, Project Manager, Superintendent and Office Manager.

This phase is a comprehensive 12 - 16 week class where we give you instructions and help you implement the new SOPs, so that by the end of this phase, you have built up five streamlined turnkey processes.

Phase 2:

Building Your Team

With your new SOPs in place, you can now start hiring and gradually free up your time.

We usually start with Admin/Bookkeeping and Superintendent positions, as these are the biggest time drains with the most immediate ROI – and the easiest ones to find. After that, we move on to filling the other roles.

Once an SOP is created and the role is filled, we “greenlight” this area of your business.

You’ll be able to feel the weight being taken off your shoulders and see your schedule becoming emptier.

Which is also why in this phase, we can start to elaborate on things that you never had time for before – like meeting cadences, your company’s culture, core values, and mission etc.

Phase 3:

Building Your C-Suite

With all your roles filled, you are now an active leader. You’re managing your people, checking that everything is on track, still answering some questions, and implementing new processes… 

Which is still way more work than you might think.

So the next step is to delegate all that to a COO (who of course we’re going to help find and hire because people on this level are rare).

Your team at this point is pretty much self-sufficient, so once you have a COO, you’ll be actively involved with him/her a lot initially…

Until he/she is fully ready to run the daily business the way you want it and everything is prepared for you to enter the magic phase 4… 

Phase 4:

Time To Scale BIG (You Have Nothing Else Left To Do Anyway)

First of all, congratulations.

You are now running a fully automated construction company!

So what now?

Well now, you are the CEO that can step back and work ON your business from a totally different perspective.

From here it’s all about strategy, vision, and scaling – which I personally think is the fun part.

But it’s totally up to you to decide if you want to exit and just enjoy the fruits of your labor, or go all in and scale your company through the roof.

Either way, man:

You’ve made it.

Automation Blueprint Is A SHORTCUT

When I said that this is my life’s work, I meant it.

It took me years to create all of the systems needed to put this concept into practice, and another many years to perfect them.

I fell flat on my face more often than I can remember. I’ve made decisions that almost ruined my business, and I don’t even want to know how many millions of dollars I’ve burnt along the way.

Today I know it was worth it…

I’ve Done All The Grunt Work So That You Don’t Have To.

Please Take Advantage Of It.

If you are still reading this, you have by now most likely flipped a switch in your mind that already sets you ahead of the other 95% of entrepreneurs out there.

But the actual work itself hasn’t started.

Now, don’t get me wrong:

With the knowledge that you now have, you can of course stitch together a plan and go for it on your own, and you may actually succeed.

It’s not gonna be a walk in the park, but you may eventually figure it out…

The thing is just that there’s really nothing left to “figure out”.

The exact step-by-step path already exists, and many contractors are already walking it and reclaiming their freedom.

So instead of having to learn the same lessons and make the same mistakes over and over again...

You Now Have The Chance to Basically Just Download My Entire 8-Figure Construction Business And Plug It Straight Into Yours.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It. See What Other Contractors Just Like You Have To Say.

What You’ll Find Inside The Program?

Here’s a sneak peak:

✔ Multiple group coaching calls every week PLUS 1-on-1 calls with me and my coaches

✔ Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network with, share best practices, and support each other on your common mission

✔ Direct access to me and my coaches, you’re just one DM away from getting whatever question you have answered

✔ Lifetime access to all the training materials, templates, and updates

✔ Pre-built standard operating procedures for Sales, Estimator, Project Manager, Superintendent and Office Manager – ready to be tweaked individually for your specific business

✔ My done-for-you hiring, onboarding, and training processes, including the quizzes and questionnaires that have proven themselves and have been optimized for years


Who Exactly Is This For?

To keep it simple, just imagine this program like setting your company on steroids.

So if you’re running a big company already, then this will streamline it to maximum efficiency and open up a whole other world of opportunities – in terms of both money and personal freedom.

And if you’re a smaller business, then this will set you up for massive success in the very near future, and speed up your growth in a way that will make other contractors question their decisions.

There is one thing however that I want to make very clear:

This is not for everybody.

Yes, this program is as much of a fast track as it can ever get - and yes, a lot of the material we give you is plug-and-play.


Every business is different, and everything you get here still has to be tweaked and implemented into your specific business.

We are still talking about setting your construction company up on autopilot.

This is an endeavor that usually takes decades – and this is only speaking for the few who even make it at all.

And because we are condensing this process to a fraction of the time and effort it would usually take… 

This Program Is NOT For You If:

❌ You’re unable to invest 2-4 hours per week

❌ You’re looking for quick-fixes and don’t want to learn new skills

❌ You’re 100% happy with your current situation and don’t feel the need to level up

❌ You don’t have the drive to put in the work necessary to build something great

❌ You want to avoid taking accountability

❌ You’re okay with lots of stress for little reward for the rest of your career

But If…

✅ You’re exhausted and frustrated because your progress has come to a halt

✅ You're ready to put in the work necessary to achieve your goals

✅ You're not afraid of taking steps forward

✅ You don’t have time for stumbling into pitfalls and going down dead end roads

✅ You’re ready to tap into your full entrepreneurial potential and become a true visionary leader

✅ You don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel

✅ You’re looking for the most direct and proven road to success

✅ You're willing to accept expert guidance

✅ You’re ready to enter a new chapter of your career and your life

… then you are exactly the type of person who I’ve created this program for, and I’d love to welcome you in our circle.

So Let’s Do This:

If you like the idea of building a multi-million-dollar contracting business that runs without you, then all you need to do is click the button below.

It will take you to a quick application form and then to a calendar where you book a call with my team to talk about your current situation and your goals, and see if working together makes sense.

Because keep in mind that as we do work so closely together with every person inside this program, we can only fill a limited number of spots, and therefore we really need to make sure that this is the right move for both of us.

If so, we’re gonna walk you through some options for how we can collaborate – and if for some reason we find that this is not a fit, then you’re still gonna get a ton of value out of the call and you’ll  have all your questions answered.

So if you’re ready for the next level of success in your contracting journey, hit that orange button, and I can’t wait to speak with you soon!

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